*Note: 12.99 is an average price. Please check local store. 

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder also offers less color selection. 

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xoa-aox-deactivated20140829: Hey doll, do you have any dupes for benefits they're real mascara?

I’ve heard that Maybelline’s Define a Lash mascara is really similar. But i’ve never tried Define a Lash. So I’m not really sure.

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elliekk77: I'm doing a runway show next month and I need a good affordable dupe for MAC Fix Plus as well as a good setting powder that won't have a white cast in photos and matches a range of skin tones. Help?

The e.l.f mist and set ($3) works like mac’s fix +, but you can also use just setting sprays. if you have any around, try it out and see if that works. e.l.f also has a lock and seal ($3) which may work for longer wear.as far as setting powders go. the e.l.f HD setting powder($6) doesn’t seem to leave a white cast on me. theres also a nyx one. and Rimmel’s stay Matte powder works nicely as well. Hope it helps. 

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Anonymous: hello lovely what is a good dupe for urban decay's all nighter setting spray, and makeup forever's hd microfinish powder??

For Makeup Forever’s HD Powder, try e.l.f HD powder or NYX’s version. They’re both finely milled, like MUFE’s. As for UD All Nighter Spray, NYX offers some setting sprays in a natural finish and one to get a dewy look. I’ve never personally used them, but I’ve heard that it’s like UD’s but the lasting power isn’t as long, however. Hope this helps! <3

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we’re so close to hitting 1000 followers, just a little over 50 to go. So, what kind of items would you like to see in the giveaway?

Please leave some suggestions. This giveaway is all for you guys.


Personal Favorites?

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MAC eyeshadows run from $10 for a single pan to $15 for a single eyeshadow compact. If you haven’t heard of the Makeup Geek brand, the creator, Marlena has some amazing products. She also has a ton of shadows that are dupes for MAC shadows for only $5.99 a pan. Keep in mind that not all of these are exact dupes, some may be similar in color or a bit lighter or darker, or maybe a different finish. But you can still achieve the same look with these. 

Click through to see the dupes.

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Giveaway ends tomorrow 3/11 at midnight EST